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1:_i am go to vist

Are you gong to take
i am not going to see 
where is Hannah going to study
my aunt isn't gong to move 
2.-i am going to 
we are gong to 
i am won't 
i don't think peter will
tom gong to 
3.-what is sam doing 
jenny and paul spendid 
we aren't sing 
where are you goig 
is rossie meting 
4.- are you doing
are you 
is coming 
aren't staying 
5.-is jonh goig to meet us at the cafe later ?
we arent going to 
i am gong to buy a new laptop 
are you going to visit
what are you going to study next year?
7.-4   2   3   1   5
8.-e   d   b   a   c 
9.- cloth bag
glass bottles
had four chidren 
glass jar 
10.-c   d   a   b   a 

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