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Availability of Technology: Many logistics companies use sophisticated technologies for e-commerce, efficientcustomer response, satellite location, in-cub navigation, real-time routing, totalcommunication, and a whole range of other developments. Although such technologyeasible, it does not mean that everybody uses it. Most of the world does not haveaccess to, does not need, or cannot afford the latest technological development.

Geography: Transport is generally easier in straight lines over flat terrain. Physical barriers thathinder transport include seas, mountain ranges, desserts, jungles, rivers, cities, nationalparks, and so on.

Financial Issues:  There are many financial factors to consider. Some countries do not allow their currencyto be taken out of the country, the value of some currencies fluctuates wildly or fallsquickly, some banking system are inefficient, sometimes exchanging money is difficultand so on.

 Customs Barriers: Conventionally, customs duty is payable whenever materials enter a country. Inpractice, there is more than just customs duty, and it can be quite difficult to add all thetaxes and duties to calculate the amount payable. For example goods entering theEuropean Union one might have to pay customs duty, countervailing duties, antidumping duties etc., these are not only costs of crossing a border, as companies haveto pay the cost of compliance with export/import regulations, such as compulsorydocumentation and information requirements.

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