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-The Allies ratified fove teatries at the Paris Peace Conference(1919-29), which were then signed by the Central Powers.

-The most important teatry was the Teatry of Versailles=it established severe terms for Germany: *It could not have tanks or an air force. *It had to return Alsace-Lorraine to France. *It had to pay reparations to the Allies. *It had to sign the war-guilt clause.
-President Wilson(USA) proposed the establishment of the League of Nations=an international organization that would guarantee and prevent wars. The defeated Central Powers were not members. 
-Most important consequences: *Death and injury=the war produced millions of casualties. *Material destruction=the fighting destroyed cities, infraestructures,factories and farmland. *Economic decline=Europe lost ist economic leadership and  needed loans from United States to rebuilt after the war. *New European States: +The German, Austro, Ottomn and Russian empires disappeared. +New states were created, including Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary and Yugoslavia. *Colonial changes= the Allied Powers obtained control over colonies or regions that had belonged to the Central Powers

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