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Psychodiagnosis: is a branch of the scientific psychology aims to study the behavior and personality of the subject at the psychological level. These studies must be made through procedural objectives.

• Must describe and predict and if possible, explain the behavior of the subject. • the individual is interested in itself as a whole. • Report differs from psycho and psycho.

Where? In private or institutions, clinics, hospitals or health centers.

When: At the beginning of psychotherapy to establish diagnosis and prognosis. In the course of treatment to determine degree of patient empeotamiento mejoríao.

We get by derivation of health professionals: psychiatrists, physicians, clinicians, etc. In this case the interviewer should prompt the interviewee: create interest and participation. • for self-motivation: The subject is the consultation I will. Here are percepciónde conflict (Insight).

Pre-interview time. Behaviour hotline or through another person. Personal interview. Administration of psychometric techniques. Conclusion. Oral Return to the consultant. Report to the professional who referred you.

Psychological Interview: is a field of work that investigates the behavior and personality of human beings. Is the relationship between psychology technician must act in that role and another or others who need intervention.

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