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Psychology: the science that studies behavior and mental processes ..
Prehistoric Peoples: they thought that evil spirits were mental problems, I made a hole in the skull.
Hippocrates thought that personality was composed of 4 temperaments: 1) blood (bright and active), 2) Melancolico (sad), 3) Choleric (angry, aggressive), 4) phlegmatic (cried and liabilities).
Descartes: the nerves were hollow tubes through which animal spirits driving impulses.
Franz Josef Gall: a trained observer could discern the intelligence, personality, moral character by the shape and number of bumps on the skull of a person.
News: study the behavior of people for their way of being.
Wund Wilhelm became the first laboratory in Germany, 1879.

4 aspects of the psychology major:
Science: scientific method is used
Study: a systematic and continuous research process
Behavior: directly observed physical actions. Example: facial expressions, gait, mannerisms, how to treat others.
Mental Processes: thoughts, feelings, perceptions, feelings, dreams ...
The psychology is used to: explain how we perceive, explain how it changes our behavior, explain what it does to act in certain ways.
Study: perception, learning, motivation.
Work areas: community, social, developmental, infant, aesthetic, creative, educational, family, military ...
BIO: biological body
PSYCHO: psychological process
SOCIAL: social and historical environment
The word psychology comes from PHYSE (soul) and logos (study). It is written with "P" xq but serious study of fig.

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