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auto: symptom checklist (SCL-90-r)
het: examamen the current state (PSE) (Wing and lime)
auto: Beck Depression Inventory-2 (BDI-2)
Anxiety Inventory-state range (Spielberg)
het: SADS scale (t.afectivos + schizophrenia)
EHD scale (of Hamilton Depression)

Efficiency: intelligence, skills, evaluation of specific fc
Personality: objective assessment, projective tests (global, non-quantitative)

joint: dysarthria, dysphonia, dislalia, logoclonia
modulation, intensity, tone, palilalia, logorrhea, verbigeracion.taquifemia, bradifemia, muttering, echolalia / coprolalia
compressibility:incoherent, disunited, neologism criptolalia, pararespuestas (geese), paraphasias

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