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 Opinion: Nowadays in the world and in our country the citizens are Suffering the problems and effects thatclimate changeproduces. The temperature isrisinglittle by little Every year, the same happenswith the level of  oceans And the number of illnesses thatare produced bythe sun aremore and more. We are in a Dangerous situation, so we have to do something to change it, but what could we Do to prevent this problem?Firstly, we have to know some tipswhichare very easy and All of us can dothem for example, we Can separaterubbish. If we dothis, wewill be able touse the same Products again after atratament. Remember To separate paper, plastic and  glassfrom the rest. Weare used todrivingour car every day, so why  don’twe try to  leaveit in the garage and We take  public transport?  For example,if citizens hada cheaper public Transportsystem,they would useit more often. 

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