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-At first it was called “High Authority”

-Proposed by Schuman

-Supranational organization

-Role: promotes general interest Of the EU by proposing and enforcing legislation as well as by implementing Policies and the EU budget.

-Members: formed by a team of of Commissioners, one from each EU country.

-Location: Brussels

-President: Jean-Claude Juncker, Whoheads the EU executive body as President of the European Commission.

-Politically independent Institution that represents and upholds the interests of the EU as a whole.

-It proposes legislation, Policies and programmes of action and is responsible for implementing the Decisions of the EP and the Council.

-Represents the Union to the Outside world with the exception of the commin foreign and security policy.

-Attends all the sessions of the Parliament, where it must clarify and justify its policies.

-Propose legislation

-Implement decisions

-Upholding the EU treaties

-Manage the day to day business Of the EU.

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