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-Came up with the Lisbon Treaty

-It is assisted by the general Secretariat of the Council

-Heads of State-government-its president/the President of European Commission

-Doesn’t adopt legislation. At The end of each meeting it issues ‘conclusions’, which reflect the main Messages resulting from the discussions.

-Meetings as a rule take place At least twice per semester (every six months).

-Role: defines the general Political direction and priorities of the EU

They take decision at higher level.

-Most of the decisions are taken By consensus. However, in a number of cases, qualified majority applies, such As the election of its President.

-When it decides by vote, only The Heads of State or government may cast a vote.

-President: Donald Tusk

THE COUNCIL of the European Union (1958)

-Also known as Council of Ministers

-Meets regularly to take Detailed decisions and to pass European laws.

-Role: voice of EU member Governments, adopts EU laws, coordinates EU policies.

-Members: government minister From each EU country according to the policy area to be discussed (agriculture, Technology…)

-Essential EU decision-maker.

-Location: Brussels

-At first, it was the main Legislative organ of the Union, but when the Parliament power increased they Started to share that function.

Council + European Parliament=main Decision-making body of the EU.    

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