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MUST: I´m sure, I´m certain, is obligated to, essential that, it´s compulsory, needs, needs to be, it´s necessary for, rule.   CAN´T:I´m not sure, I´m not certain.   MAY,MIGHT,COULD:perhaps, maybe, it´s possible.    MUSTN´T:I´ts fobiden that, not permited,allowed, dangerous.   CAN:I´m good at.    COULD: when I was, ability.   HAVE TO:Is obliged to, It´s essential that, It´s compulsory.    SHALL:I suggest,why not.   SHOULD:It is better, If I were you, I advice you,I was you,It is a good idea,shouldn´t, it is a good idea.    DON´T HAVE TO DOESN´T:It isn´t necessary.  HAD TO:was necessary.   DIDN´T HAVE TO:wasn´t necessary.   BE ABLE TO:in the future,next.  

VOCABULARY:ability(n), able(adj), aggression(n), aggressive(adj), assertiveness(n). Assertive(adj), bold(adj),boldess(n),confidence(n),confident(adj),defensiveness(n),defensive(adj),frustration(n),fustrated(adj), generosity(n), generous(adj), guilt(n), guilty(adj), happiness(n), impatience(n), impatient(adj), importance(n), independence(n). Independent(adj). Innocence(n), inocent(adj), intelligence(n),laziness(n),lazy(adj), modesty(n) nervousness(n),oppeness(n),cooperate with, copy,figth with, help laught with,look at,play with,amile at, talk to,throw sth at, trust, understand, answer the phone, apologize, bow, catch sb´s eye, greet, hold hands, hug, interrupt, kiss, queue, shake hands, sneeze, touch,wave, culture, fake, laughter,stress, weapon, yoga.   adap, clone, design, develop,inspitarion,invent, observation, replace, researcher, revolution,test, tester, antibiotic, anti-globalization, anti´social, anti-technology, biotechnology, bioterrorism, interactive, intergalactic, international, microorganism, microwave, misuderstand, multicoloured, multi ethnic, multinational,multi-purpose, multi-storey, multi-talented,  overcook, overeat, overproduce, ,overspend, pro-democracy, probiotic, pro-GM, pro-techonology, redesign, renew, resend, reshape, rethink, rewrite, undercook, understimate, overstimate, attractive, unattractive, bacon-shaped, battery-opeared, boot-shaped, ceramic, child´friendly, chocolat-shapeed, delicious, disposable, dustproof, eco-friendly, economical, eye-catching, funky, giant-sized, heart-shaped, high quality, huge, inflatable, life-sized, long-lasting, lo-cost, pocket-sized, practical, recycled, round, shockproof, silly, solar-powered, straw, stylish, tiny, tough, useful, useless, waterproof, wooden, (extra)ordinary, (un)modified, (ab)normal, (ir)reversible, (ir)regularity.

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