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GO ON: (G) continue doing with the same thing(I) change the activity

NEED: (G) passive meaning (The bedrooms need painting)

REGRET: (I) To inform

MEAN (G) Has to be done to get a result.(I) Intend to do

TRY (G) experiment with different methods

STOP (I) Takes on the meaning of "in order to.

FORGET (G)  To forget that you have done something. (Memory)(I) To forget that you need to do something

REMEMBER (G) To remember that you need to do something. (Memory)(I) To remember that you have done something.

HATE/LOVE/PREFER/: (G) Emphasis on the action (like making jam) (I)Habit (I like to make)

INFINITIVE: Purpose (why), nouns, used to (acostumbraba accion) , would like/love/prefer, adjectives

-Advise, Afford, Allow, Arrange, Appear, Ask, Beg, Begin, Choose, Decide, Deserve, Expect, Force, Happen, Help, Hope, Intend, Invite, Learn, Like, Love, Manage,Offer, Pretend, Refuse, Start, want, say 

GERUND: SUBJECT, to be use to (acostumbrado), confessed to, look forward to, it is no use, it's worth, can't stand/help, feel like, it's no good, ther's no point, have difficulty  after a preposition: on, by, in spite of, before without, since, until

-Admit, Advise, Allow, Anticipate, Appreciate, Avoid, Begin, Continue, Delay, Deny, Detest, Dislike, Enjoy, Fancy, Feel like, Finish, Forgive, Guive up, Imagine, Intend, Involve, Keep, Love, Mind,  Miss, Postpone, Prefer, Recommend,  Risk, Start, Suggest

BARE INFINITIVE: Can, could, may, migth, will, shall, should, ougth to, must, have to, would Let, had better, make, would rather,

Intro 1 To start with. At first sight, 2  Also, On the other hand 3 To sum up

AÑADIR INFORMACIÓN: and eventually, moreover, (además)

SIMILARIDAD: In the same way, Likewise (Asimismo)

CONTRASTE: nevertheless, conversely

CAUSAS: due to the fact that

RESULTADOS: therefore (Por lo tanto)

ALGO DE OTRA MANERA: in other words,

HECHOS: as a matter of fact

OPINIÓN PERSONAL: as far as I’m concerned

EJEMPLOS: for instance, such as

SECUENCIAR: after that. In the end  

Present simple: habits, timetable in the future, para expresar condidiconif it… , …

Present Continuous: ( +ing): happening at the moment of speaking, new habits definite future arrangements (plan)

Present Perfect Simple (have +ed) Actions started in the past and continue to the present. Life experience. I haven't seen her this month. Something that happened recently

present perfect continuous  (have been + ing) started in the past and continue to the present.Actions which have recently stopped

Past Simple: (was/were)/ ed/did

PAst Continuous: (was/were + ing)

Past Perfect simple: (had + ed)

Past Perfect Continuous: Had been +ing

Simple Future: (will/ won’t) predict the future

Future Continuous (will be)

Shall: Others opinions

Be going to: plans

He wanted to know, he asked,  He said

Present simple tense into Past simple

Present Continuous tense into Past continuous

Present Perfect tense into Pas perfect

Present Perfect Continuous into Past perfect continuous

Past simple into Past Perfect

Past Continuous into Past Perfect Continuous

Past Perfect into Past Perfect

Future simple, will into would

Future Continuous, will be into would be

Future Perfect, will have into would have

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