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CONECTORS: even though (computer) therefore (some belive) despite (their popular) however (is banning) one the one hand (these games) whereas (in reality) since (the purpose) on the other hand (most normal) furthermore (people) what is more (players) in spite of (their real) on balance (i disagree) eventhough (some of) so that (they can)

VOCABULARY(taula): terrific=fantastic / likely=probable / scam=hoax / ban=forbid / remove=take / show up=raise / shocked=appalled / stand by=support / arrange=organize / book=reserve / let sb down=disappoint / give back=return
offence / offenders / fine / waste / dump / disposable / broadcast / headline / degree / grant / afford / income / landslide/ flood / available / travel agency / acomodation / sight seeing / vaccine / surgery / treatment/ budget / smuggler / border
MISTAKES: (that) who / (that his) whose / (learning) learnt / (to cut) to have my hair cut / (tell) told / (have been) be / (he didn't eat) no to eat / (for) to / (come) came / (to not) not to
CONDITIONALS: if i were you / if you had driven / i looked like her / if he had more / if people knew / you would have found
REWRITE (BRAKETS): if only i had helped you / i wish my brother wouldn't use my camera / i wish i hadn't bought a motorbike / if only my neighbor wouldn't play loud music
GRAMMAR (complet verbs brakets): i believe / would be / have been booking / creating / be adopted / to learn / learning / wrote / proposed 
/ heve been suggested / intends to cut / will bring
REPORTED SPEECHhe had been looking for his dog since the night / she had forgotten do her homework the previous night / to call me that night / she not to be late to their meeting the following day/she wouldn’t tidy that room / me if I could help him then / where I had seen that film / going to the beach the following week / me not to move / me If I liked her new jacket

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