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1)I have last my pen CANi borrow yours.

2)As Son as i  HAVE more information. I will Call you.

3)Did you KNOW she was pregnent.

4)We HADthis can since last summer.

5)When i lived in hungary. I HAD to Take a bus to go to work.

6)Would you mind ANSWERINGmy Questions.

7)80% of our electronic component  ARE PRODUCED in the far east.

8)The manager and his staff usually MEETSonce week

9)What  are you responsable FOR?

10)When did you arrive AT the Hostel?

11)The way of managing companies in This country is very different  FROMours.

12)Has she answered you you email YET.

13)You will have to work HARD if You really want to pass the exam.

14)He NEVER drinks any alcohol when he Goes to parties.

15)Have you got SOMETHING to declare?

16)The plane was four hours LATE.

17)Driving too FAST is very dangerous.

18)Her husband gave her a lovely BUNCH of Flowers for her birthday.

19)She has already READ his letter three times.

20)His speech was LESS INTERESTING than the President´s.

21)Is the water WARM ENOUGHfor You?

22)I enjoy reading magazines and LISTENING To some music at the same time.

23)Mark and hilary visit a new FOREING Country every year.

24)I AMthirtyl. Let´s go to the bar and Have a drink.

25)They made part of the staff WORKING on Sundays.

26)He keeps MAKINGNthe Same mistakes all the time.

27)Put out you cigarette, sir. You MUST NOT smoke Here.

28)When he finished SPEAKING, he Invited the audience to ask questions.

29)it is not worth TO TRY to convince them.

30)It I LIVE in the city, I would never Drive to work.

31)What is said about the apartment? IT HAS BEEN RENOVATED.

32)What kind of business is home search Agency? A REAL STATE AGENCY.

33)When will the apartment be free? IN SEPTEMBER

34)Who cannot stay at the hotel? BUSINESSMEN

35)In what case is there an additional Charge? LAST MINUTE CANCELATION.

36)What can be done at the hotel? PRESENTS CAN BE BOUGHT.

37)What is Doobie´s corner?  A BAR

38)What usually happens between 5:00 and 8:30 pm? DRINKS ARE CHAPER

39)When is the regular laundry service Available? AFTER 7 AM

40)What is said abaout the express Cleaning service? CLOTHES ARE PICKED UP IN THE AFTERNOON

41) What is the main purpose of this notice? TO INFORM GUESTS

42)Who is this message for? Mike Osborne

43)Which document is missing? A CATALOG

44)What is this articule about? BANKING SERVICIES.

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