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Sociology -> systematic study os people's behavior in groups (behavioral science). Sociologist -> person who studies sociology (August Comte, creator) Tools: observation, analysis, surveys, personal interview, role playing. Socio> people 2gether, logos> study of. 

People works & live in groups: primary g> close relationship *emotionally involved *loyalty. secondary g> larger and less loving *no close ties *purpose to get something done. community&society: group of people who often live and work 2gether for common goals; associated in religion, culture, politics.

Socialization-> process of learning the rules. Each social grup set its rules. 3 types of norms: Folkways-norms of politeness&customs. Mores- much more serious thn folkways. Laws- norms made and enforced by the government of a society. Roles-> kind of behavior a person is supposed to have in a particular group.

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