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Reconstruction Era is known as the era between 1867 and 1877 in which slavery was formally abolished. The main reasons as to why reconstruction failed, was from multiple contributing factors such as, the compromise of 1877, the black supremacy thesis, failure to enforce the 13th, 14th and the 15th amendments. One of the main reasons, I would argue, is that the Confederacy was never put in the grave yard where it belonged.   In the name of national reconciliation, the traitorous rebels were never properly punished. Moreover, they remained largely in control of their old plantations, if no longer owning human chattel. Reconstruction was forcibly imposed on the southern states by the government and, as a result, racial attitudes in the south didn’t really evolve during this period. When the government stopped implementing Reconstruction, many southern states acted quickly to roll back the gains made by the African American community, notably through Jim Crow laws. The purpose was to get the South back to normal economically. A lot of cities have been damaged and freeing the slaves was also the problem for them. The South resented intrusion by the North, and there was no real reconstructing.

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