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Contrast: but (però, excepte, sino) yet/still/however (tot i això) nevertheless (no obstant) on the other hand (per altre banda) In spite of/ despite+ noun/V+ing (a pesar de) Although/though/even though+sentence (tot i que) Addition: and, both...And, as well as, and also, not only... But also, furthermore, besides, moreover, what's more, In addition (a més a més). Choice: or, either...Or, neither...Nor (ja/ja no sigui... O/ni bé...) Consecuence: so (així doncs, per tant) therefor, consequently, thus, for this reason, thats why (aquest es el motiu pel qual) Reason: because+sentence, because of+noun or ving, since/as (com que) Purpose: to, in order to, so as to, for+Ving (per tal de) Condition: If/provised that, Unless (a menys que, a no ser que) Whether...Or (or not) (tant si em pregunta com si no)Result: so (+adj+adv)... That, such (+anoun)... That (tan... Que)

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