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¡Escribe tu textoGulliver: Is extroverted, intelligent, brave, bold, docile and friendly. At no time did The work displayed violent. It has a decent attitude to have. He is suffering Enough in the story. Things thoroughly taken.

Rey King of Lilliput: hospitable, but just think of governing the enemy country. At first Gulliver I did not want to leave, but ends up accepting convince him and his Minister’s standards and impose treasurer.

Glumdalclitch - The farmer’s nine-year-old daughter, who is forty feet tall.

The "niñerita": It is the love of Gulliver in the land of the giants. . She is the daughter of a farmer, very tricky, tender and affectionate. Gulliver It and were inseparable.

The king of Brobdingnag seems to be a true intellectual, well versed in political science among Other disciplines.

Lord Munodi - A lord of Lagado, capital of the underdeveloped land beneath Laputa, who Hosts Gulliver and gives him a tour of the country on Gulliver’s third voyage.


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