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Gulliver. He is outgoing, intelligent, brave, bold, docile and friendly. He is suffering enough in the story.
King of Lilliput: hospitable, but just think of governing the country enemigo.El King was always accompanied by the court.

The "niñerita": It is the love of Gulliver in the land of the giants. She is the daughter of a farmer, very tricky, tender and loving
Laputanos .. His clothes were always very rare astros .: People. They were guided by the philosophy and the stars. A set of beings unique feature.

Inhabitants of Balnibarbi: Balnibarbi inhabitants were fierce and had poor appearance, always dressed in rags. All are teachers. There is a great academy.

In Glubbdubdrib he speaks of Aristotle and Homer. Here they taught the true history of philosophy.

What luggnaggianos are polite and selfless people. They are kind to strangers

The Japanese are worthy and welcoming people.

The Houyhnhnm love: It is a horse that can reason .. The masters of the horses are the Yahoos, which are wild men who feed on rats and cats.

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