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what do you do when you are in avalanche area part 2

It is easier to find a car in the snow than it is to find a person. Drive to a safe area if possible.

If you live on a farm, move your crops and animals.

Avalanches happen with four factors. A steep slope, snow cover, weak layer in the snow cover, and a trigger.

Many people die because of accidents just like avalanches, road crashes because of icy streets or even starving to death because you're stuck in your house.

In winter you must be prepared because If an avalanche happen suddenly you must have the thing you will need to survive.

Second, you must have fuel to keep your house warm.

Finally, attach chains to the car’s tires so they can grip frozen roads.

Historical event part 1 A natural disaster happened in yungay peru may the thirty one 1970 20 thousand casualties.

The avalanche moved down hill at a speed of 100mph with a mass of roughly 80 million cubic feet of ice, mud and rock.

Estimates said that the earthquake killed  20,000 people

Over a day during World War 1 Italian and Austrian forces died in a series of avalanches caused by a mixture of heavy snowfall and explosives from the war.

Historical event part 3:Plurs, Switzerland, 4 September 1618, 2,427 people died On September 4, 1618 the entire town of Plurs, 

Switzerland was destroyed and erased from the face of the earth 

when a massive avalanche, known as the Rodi avalanche, covered 

the town with snow, ice and rock.

now let's talk about not so fun facts about avalanches

2.Every  year 150 people die from avalanches worldwide  

Avalanches are caused by four factors which are a steep slope, snow cover, a weak layer in the snow cover, and a trigger just like explosions .


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