The queen of death salahadin

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Farrow is kidnapped by the Amsterdam Ring. He has left a message in a book that Leila found. Meanwhile some of the smugglers, Keesing en de Fries, are driving with Farrow to Luxor, to the tomb of queen Axtarte. Another smuggler Greer is kidnapping Mrs. Farrow in a house in Cairo. Every night is there radio contact between the smugglers.This radio contact must take place at 19:00, or Christine Farrow gets killed. Farrow ordered to Keesing en de Fries that they have to ride a steep slope, so that an aircraft can see them. Salahadin flies to Luxor at that moment and on the way he sees two lorries driving in the desert. At arriving in Luxor, Salahadin heard that the fingerprints found in the black Mercedes match Jusef Strengel's. He is a rich smuggler, with a private collection of ancient. He sells nothing, but keeps it to himself. Salahadin thinks that in the first lorry is Farrow, and in the second lorry, three kilometres behind them, Strengel. With three policemen and inspector Musa Salahadin goes on his way in a Land Rover into the desert, to the tomb. In Cairo Ahmed and Leila are still looking for Christina. In the shadow some ladies are talking with each other and Leila is going to sit whit them. A few minutes later a young lady called Fatima is also sitting whit the other ladies. The ladies ask Fatima whether the European lady who is sick is okay. Fatima doesn’t know, because she has never seen her, the lady always locks her door. Leila follows Fatima, because it might be Christine Farrow. When Fatima went in a house, Leila called Ahmed to come with two policemen. They’re waiting until Fatima comes out the house, make a plan with her and then Leila, dressed as a housekeeper, enters the house. In the desert, Farrow, Keesing and the Fries have arrived at the tomb. They find a entrance, but the entrance is blocked by a big stone. They try remove the stone with dynamite. Farrow stays at a distance, because he’s scared of the germs. Suddenly he heard a scream, de Fries is falling down and he’s dead. Farrow is scared that Keesing is dead too, with as consequence that there is no more radiocontact. At that moment another lorry stops, three men come out the lorry with protectionsuits, one of them is Jusef Strengel. When Farrow and Strengel were talking, Keesing calls, he shoots at Strengel, but he missed. De driver of Strengel shoots at Keesing, he’s not immediately dead, but he dies from the poison. Strengel and his helpers are going into the tomb to get the mummy. Farrow is trying to get radiocontact. A few minutes later Salahadin arrived, he hears a sound in the lorry and find Farrow. He tells them everything what happened. De driver helps Farrow to get radiocontact. Musa and the three policemen are hiding themselves by the entrance of the tomb and Salahadin stands in the entrance of the tomb in the moonlight. De driver and Farrow find some notes how to make radiocontact with Greer. They’re pretending that they can’t make good radiocontact. Leila is in the house and she hears the men talking. She quickly goes to find Christine.

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