the queen

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She tells her that she’s from the police and that she is going to rescue her. Strengel comes with his men out of the tomb with the mummy. Suddenly Salahadin is standing in front of them, he says that the men have to bring the mummy back. He tells about a sour on the mummy and that the sour is burning trough the handgloves. One of the men is become scared and he took off his suit, he falls and he dies. Strengel becomes angry and tries to touch Salahadin with the poison. But Salahadin shoots him in his leg. The other men bring the mummy back. Meanwhile Leila and Ahmed have rescued Christine and have radiocontact with Farrow. Salahadin says that everything is okay and that they will hear an explosion because they are going to shut the entrance with dynamite. An explosion is following and a large rock breaks in pieces and shuts the entrance. Then they tried to sleep and the following morning they go back to the tomb and look if everything is okay.

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