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The pronouncement of Riego en Cabezas de San Juan requires 2 things: first, the king fanlle oath to the Constitution of 1812, or the other, formed the Liberal government. The courts began their work through a system of monarchical-parliamentary co.xestion but fernando7utilizou all constitutional rights, the right of veto to halt the reforms. This attitude led to a split in liberal doses:-moderate (most part in the Cortes of Cadiz) partidiarios to collude with the crown-political reformism radicaisou exalted or progressive: q defend the constitution (the king should only fncion executive) eq support split with the former regime. During the years give 1 Triênio dominated moderate liberals. The opposition of the government provoked the formation of political realists who, convinced dqo king found himself deprived of his freedom of action organized the regency urgell1822, q advocated the return of absolutism. The severity of these events led to the exalted power, which wiped hard to armed resistance and affected measures similar to the Cortes of Cadiz to settle the old regime (elimination of class privileges d, inquisicon) to arm the system again with a different strength of military created the national militia. In planointernacional, the liberal triumph in Spain had ample repercusons and gave rise to similar movements in Naples and Piedmont. This caused the fear of absolute power q in response to the request q accomplish the Spanish sovereign Holy Alliance, the Congress decided to vernos Send e 10,000 children of a high-q returned the absolute power

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