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A great deal of meaning is conveyedby a few well-chosen words.A few well-chosen words convey a great deal of meaning.
Our planet is wrapped in a mass of gases.A mass of gases wrap around our planet.
Waste materials are disposed of in a variety of ways.The city disposesof waste materials in a variety of ways.
"A Hard Day's Night" was written by the Beatles.The Beatles wrote"A Hard Day's Night".
The movie ET was directed by Spielberg.Spielberg directedthe movie ET.
This house was built by my father.My father builtthis house.


  • He’s a doctor, isn’t he?
  • You work in a bank, don’t you?

  • You haven’t met him, have you?
  • She isn’t coming, is she?

With auxiliary verbs (have and be)

  • They’ve gone away for a few days, haven’t they?
  • They weren’t here, were they?
  • He had met him before, hadn’t he?
  • This isn’t working, is it?

Without auxiliary verbs

  • I said that, didn’t I?
  • You don’t recognise me, do you?
  • She eats meat, doesn’t she?

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