Quevedo and Gongora

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Luis de Gongora
his work is ca whole tone of his verses poetica.El can range from the most serious, beautiful and noble to the cartoon, the humorous and the holiday busrlesco.
Letrillas and Romance
-Letrilla: tematica.Mantienen variety aliveness, beauty, grace, style culto ..
"Romances: diversity of themes and motifs: love, religious, mythological burlesque.
Learned poems, topics such as love praise, of perfect and complicated desengaño.Son poet seeks estructura.El
the creation of a poetic language and distinct condsumado.Utiliza hipérbatos, enunciated long, metonymy, antithesis, adjectives, ..
Longer poems
"Fable of Polyphemus and Galatea: written in 63 stanzas, is inpira in Ovid's Metamorphoses, tells us how the Cyclops Polyphemus in love with a nymph (Galatea) and jealous of pastor Actis, this kills the rock throwing. The combierte nymph her lover in a river.
"The Solitudes: the arrival on earth of a neglected amores.La naufago work is dedicated to the Duke of Bejar, remained incomplete.

A famous poet in his lifetime, he wrote sonnets, ballads, letrillas, songs, poems episolas.Sus, can range from bold to the grotesque and the sublime.
Variety of themes, his wit and extreme sensitivity agudezae.
Poetry-loving: artifice and beauty of language, the verses IFUND a feeling and an emotion such that transcend any literary topic.
"Poetry metaphysics: the anguish, the disappointment, the transience of life, the presence of death
"Poesia moral too adopts the posture of moralistic criticism Baroque satirizes human foibles and lashes.
-Satirical poetry:
1 Characters of seventeenth-century society
2 Writers and literary issues is cially culteranismo and Gongora
3 Myths
4 Characters historical
5 Characters and literary heroes
Prose work
-Los Suenos (the dream of skulls, the outsmarting, Las Razorfen Plato, The muno inside, The visit of the jokes.) Make a critique of manners and vices, various types and personajes.Mirada burlesque, but also worried, disappointed and criticism of Spanish society at that time.
"The Buscón: the best prose work of Quevedo and the novel culminates picaresca.Se tion limited to link and masterfully tell a series of episodes and misfortunes of the protagonist.
Don Pablos: Her parents have little pieces (a barber thief and a witch mother.) Enter the Student Service Colonel Diego. At the University of Alcalá Madrid suffers burlas.Marcha then, ends up in jail. It is free and try to pretend beaten by marrying the cousin of Don Diego's comic player cheat in Toledo and Seville. The novel ends with the intention of embarking for the Indian state but never improves.
Don Pablos, echo rogue himself and with that Quevedo has no compassion whatsoever, is a puppet in the hands of its author as it does with other characters shakes him and abuses him physically and morally.

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