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1- 1-would sell. 2-won't go. 3-leaves. 4-didn't work. 5-will be. 2- 1-would you try. 2-will invent. 3-would be. 4-will you go. 5-had. 3- 1- If Patrick had lost his wallet, he would have been upset. 2-Denise would have watched TV if Simon hadn't asked her out. 3-If the players had trained, they wouldn't have lost the match. 4-What would you said if she had asked you about the car. 5-We would have invited Sam if we had known his adress 4-1-put forward. 2-astronomer. 3-orbit. 4-Big Bang. 5-Bring about. 5- 1-space station. 2-pen friend. 3-weblog. 4-timetable. 5-science fiction. 6- 1-inventor. 2-researcher. 3-physicist. 4-lawyer. 5-cosmologist

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