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1.      How does radar antenna height influence on sea clutter

High antenna height more sea clutter

2.      The horizontal extension of the target affects the echo pulse?


3.      The reflection of radar pulses is similar to that of?


4.      What is the relation between scanner width (size) and horizontal beam with?

Large scanner with, narrow horizontal beam width

5.      What are the two main purposes of marine radar?

Traffic surveillance and navigation

6.      What is the function of the magnetron?

Generate radar pulses

7.      Does the ships trim affect radar minimum range?


8.      What is the main function of the receiver?

Amplify the incoming signals

9.      Does the number of pulses transmitted per second affect the radar maximum range?


10.  What is a radar sweep?

Transmission of one pulse only

11.  We have normal transmission of radar waves when the radar horizontal is?

10% longer away than the optical horizon

12.  What is the effect of Sub refraction?

Distance to radar horizon is reduced

13.  Which radar condition can be expected when stationary warm air is located on top of cold sea?

Radar black out

14.  What is the meaning of radar bearing resolution?

The radar ability to separate targets in bearing

15.  What is a radar scan?

Transmission of pulses during one 360 degrees rotation of the antenna

16.  What is the main function of the antenna?

To transmit and receive radar signals

17.  What is the meaning of radar range resolution?

The radar ability to separate targets in range

18.  Marine radar range accuracy is generally?

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