Radiocentric layout

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• The bourgeoisie started to dominate in the cities. • Great social inequality: O Upper nobility. O Wealthy bourgeoisie: rich families dedicated To banking and commerce. O Urban clergy. O Petite bourgeoisie : small-scale traders and Craftsmen. O Lower nobility: noblemen with economic Resources. O The Jews. O Other inhabitants. • Women were discriminated against, but it Depended on their social status
Buildings • Town hall, church, the exchange, cathedral, Hospital, university, public baths and fortresses. Houses and palaces • The richest inhabitants lived in luxurious palaces. • The rest lived in buildings with several storeys Made of adobe, wood, straw and stone. The urban plan • Narrow streets and irregular layout. • Divided into neighbourhoods. Problems in the cities • Frequent fires. • Lack of hygiene. 

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