Ramón Valle-Inclán

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Ramon del Valle-Inclan
Born in Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra) in 1866 in a family of Galicia. Study Rights, traveled to Madrid to try his luck. When this failed, his attempts, he went to Mexico, bought dnd q did singular aspects. His rebellion led him to participate cn often result in disputes as they d lost his left arm. Progressive convinced the ranks until q Carlist this party takes a position favorable to the Germans in the 1st G.M. It was more an opponent of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. He died in Galicia in 1936.
2 nd His work was novelist, poet, essayist, playwright and theorist, was one of the most notable figures d and discussed his time. There is only one d ls brightest representative of French modernism and symbolism but tmb a master of Expressionism and one of the forerunners of contemporary European theater. Cn critical force in society of their time and exalt the merits of q idealized past.Valle 3rd, novelist, literary glory cn get it published between 1902 and Sonatas 1905.Las sonatas are 4 and each refers to a station, a landscape and an age of life. During the spring (Spring sonata) the protagonist manages to upset a girl will take q hábitos.La Summer Sonata, takes place in the hot lands of Mexico, where he has an affair cn Chole.En a Girl fall (autumn sonata ) returns to Galicia and seduces one of her former lovers. When winter comes to an end (winter sonata) loses his arm x carlos7 in Navarre. His artistic vision of life and musicality of the prose contributed to the success d obra.5 years later he published the trilogy Carlist War, the protagonist Marquis is the main advocates of the old trilogy bradomín.La traditionalist conception of history and against the aristocracy, stands x last time the nobility Peqeña campesina.Hasta 1926 did not re-published a novel, Tirano Banderas, first modern portrait of a hispanoamericano.Mientras dictator publication and Valle-Inclan was drafting a new project the Iberian Ruedo, it was a huge project but could not finish pq q ill and died.Valle 3rd The 1st d drama major was the trilogy entitled Comedy barbaric: heraldry eagle 1907, Romance de lobos 1908 and silver face 1922, q presents the decay of an old world. In this time he had developed his theory of the main drama was esperpento.Su Bohemian Lights was published in 1920, this book recounts the night walk with a poet ciego.Las 3 works to Valle-Inclan q explicitly call scarecrows, gathered in the volume Mardi Gras 1930 are Don Friolera horns, the finery of the deceased and the daughter of Captain

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