Rasber Mistery

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Once, in a small town in New York called Rasber lived a girl named Aria. I was 17 years old and in school I was very popular. I had a best friend named Roni who from 4 years old went together to hip hop class. Adam, was the only enemy that Aria had and it turns out that he was Roni's boyfriend.
Aria and Roni stayed every day at 5:00 p.M. In the cafeteria "Carrie's Cafe" to tell each other about the things that had happened during the day. But one day Aria arrived very late.
-Why have you come so late? - asked Roni
- I've been doing an English job- I answer
- I see you weird you have a muddy face and you have a little wet shirt, something happens to you? - nothing is as always
Suddenly on the television of the cafeteria an inpact news to all the people "A dead boy drowned in the lake of Rasber, called Adam Smith" that was the owner.
Roni started crying and Aria hugged her. Then each one went home.
The polocia was looking for the whole evening, until at 23:26 they found an imprint on the boy's neck. They confirmed that the mark was from Aria Hastings.
When Roni found out that it was she could not believe it, she was very angry and wishing to talk to her so that she could give her explanations and reasons.
Roni went to Aria's house. I knock on the door but no one would, then she entered. The door will open and the floor will be crying. Aria had hanged herself.
Roni saw on his cell phone an audio message from Aria before being killed.
Aria was apologizing for everything she had done.


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