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Bond: form of an interest-bearing note Used by comany to borrow on a long-term basis.

Secured: Bonds that have specific assets of The issuer pledged as collateral.

Unsecured/Debenture: bonds that are unsecured (not backed By any collateral).

Term: debt issues that mature on a single Date.

Serial: Bonds consisting of separate amounts That mature at different dates.

Callable: the issuer's right to call and Retire the debt before maturity.

Convertible: that bondholders can exchange for a Set number of the issuer's shares.

Deep Discount: debt Issues that have very little or no interest and are sold at a large discount.

Registered: bonds that are issued in the owner's Name (surrendered and selling).

Coupon:  Are not recorded in the owner's name and can be easily transferred Between owners.

Income: bonds that pay no interest unless The issuing company is profitable.

Revenue: interest paid on bonds is from Specified revenue source.

Face: the market rate equals the contract Rate

Par Value: Amount the bond issuer agrees to pay at maturity and the amount on which cash interest Payments r based.

Amortization: The periodic transfer of the cost of An intangible asset to expense

Annuity: series of equal cash flows at fixed Intervals.

Mortgage: Legal loan agreement that protects a Lender by giving the lender the right to be paid from the cash proceeds from The sale of a borrower's assets identified in the mortgage.

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