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This book consists of several stories. The firs talk about a 4 friends name’s: Duncan, Fiona Gordon and Heather. You went to a Fiona’s castle in Scotland.    

In the room was a picture of Mr.McCoy. He is a serious man, his face was white and looks angry and had three wives.

Photo below was a sword. The story says he died in the room near the living room; no one sleeps here, for fear of seeing a ghost.

Gordon does not believe in the spirit, and others say: why not sleep in the room that Mr. McCoy died? And Gordon agrees.

Meanwhile, Fiona, Duncan and Heather prepare a plan to scare the middle of the night, Gordon and all go to sleep.

Gordon entered the room and the bed is dark and quiet, but the bed is nice and sleeps thinking of Mr. McCoy

He wakes up several times through dreams and feels strange noises, he sees a key in the door that moves and feels that something moves his feet and goes up by their legs.

As you get out of bed and the room and found his companions outside and think you’re making a joke but everyone is just scared that.

Then go to the room and not the sword and the painting of Mr. McCoy is no longer serious, and now, he is smiling.

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