Realism and naturalism.

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Realism and Naturalism.
a) importance of romantic individualism versus society.
b) everyday life instead of romantic escapism.
c) analysis of environments and social groups as the antithesis of individual feelings and emotions.
d) desire for objectivity in contaposicion romantic subjectivity.
Zola aims to make the novel a true science of human behavior, whose purpose is to study society. human reality lowest gross and manly will be the subject of the naturalistic novel.
in Spain is Emilia Pardo Bazan qien disseminates, on a series of articles on literary criticism.
"pounding the question." naturalism only influence Pardo Bazán, Galdós, Clarín and Blasco Ibañez.
The realistic novel.
-STEPS: 1) prereality
"The Seagull" by Cecilia Bohl de faber.muy manners, eagerness moralistic and subjective. 2) triumph of realism. "the fountain of gold" (Jose Maria de Pereda and Juan Valera) 3) accepted the French naturalist extreme but if issues like the withdrawal of the material and moral aspects.
-FEATURES: 1) careful observation and description. 2) description of interior and exterior; exacto.abundancia interest in physical and psychological portrait. 3) proximity to the narrados.interesa facts cotidiano.4) crisitca social and politics 5) plausibility (plausible story) 6) omniscient 7) linear structure 8) plain language 9) pensonajes individual or collective.
AUTHORS AND OBRAS.Juan-Valera (refined, conservative, prefer the beautiful literature, psychology of the characters.) "Pepita Jiménez" 1874
Jose Maria de Pereda (maximum representative traditional novel, descriptive quality, richness linguistica) "Sotileza"
1884 and cliffs above 1895.
Emilia Pardo Bazan (defense of naturalism, aware of the European currents of his time advocate of novelty) "Los
Pazos de Ulloa" 1886 and "Mother Nature" 1887. Vicente Blasco Ibanez (revolutionary, persecuted, exiled communist naturalist full) Novels Valencianas "the block "and" canes of clay "social reform novels" In Blood and Sand "Novel of the First World War." the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. "
Leopoldo Alas "Clarín" (liberal and republican ideas critical of traditional Catholicism and sensitive to injustice) "adios lamb" 1891 and "Dona Berta" 1892 are stories. "The runs" 1885 perfect two-part structure (depth and technical description narrative) = long novel.
Benito Perez Galdos; anticlerigal person regarded the clergy as the cause of disaster 98.pertenece republican socialist party. SAR vein his application for the National Award. OBRA 80 plays novelas.24 stories articles ... -
Novel of the 1st period, "the fountain of gold," "Dona perfect" "glory" Marianela "thesis novels fanastismo fight religious conservatism. traits thesis novels, a) direct intervention of the author b) maneiquismo between characters c) symbolism especially in the names of places and people. irony and hyperbole. Contemporary Spanish Novel (better quality writing from their innnovaciones); 1) abandonment of the thesis. 2) appearance naturalistic elements 3) reappearance of characters 4) focus on society madrileña.5) locations in Madrid. 6) innovation in style. "Doctor rye" "torment" of Bringas "" Fortunata y Jacinta "
National Episodes, fictional chronicle of conflicts that marked the history of Spain from 1805 to 1875. It shows a critical attitude toward the intolerance of the Spanish and romantic historical novels than to narrate past events reciente.interrelaciona the historical past and the novelistic
Spiritual Novels are: Nazarin, Halma, Mercy, El Abuelo. x rusos.en novelists influenced the characters they embody values such as solidarity. His latest novels blend realism with fantastic elemntos.
REALISTIC THEATER 2nd century mit 19. 1) High comedy; reprentada by Lopez de Ayala and Tamayo and Bous. flows to the bourgeoisie.
2) Current necromantic historical themes and language dominance. Jose de Echegaray.

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