Realism and Romanticism

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Romanticism: introduced in Spain in a progressive manner and at different stages, characteristics:-free: search for full freedom-subjectivism and individualismo.transformacion: sentimientos_ideales of LIFE.-idealism-absolute nature of life: your mood through storms, seas ...- return to the past: cn to escape from a distressing reality-cn break the everyday world like the supernatural and mysterious x-momentum: the defense of progress, progress cintifico, dela history. .- nationalism: exaltation of all that distinguishes their country. Tems "story-love-passion-life-death-destiny. Estilo:-abundance of adjectives-words-cultivated and popular search and use of the expressive function-employment literary resources. Pesya rmantica: search for new forms of expression. lyrical poetry: two stages: -1 st half s.XIX: patroticos and 2nd half-sociales. s.XIX: + intimate. narrative poetry "long narrative poem: * historical poem * philosophical poem short narrative poem .-: * Romance * legend. adlfo Gustavo Becquer: structure of the rhymes: 79 poems: * I-XI: writing and his inspiration .* XII-XXIX: love illustrated * XXX-LI: disappointment in love * LII-LXXVI: pain and distress. X is characterized simplicity. Rosalia de Castro. His poetry was exceptional, this tone dmin x posromantico.Obras sensitive and direct: - Galician: galegos songs and fuck novas.-in Castilian: on the banks of Sar. Novela historica . They are based on the search for reviving pasadas.Titulos + ImxtanT epochs: the dn enrique dncel the Ailing, Mariano Jose de Larra, Castilian Jose neck Espronceda. Mariano Jose de Larra: influence on the generation of '98. This author is famous indeed x its articles, are classified as "articles of manners - pliticos - literary.

Realism: the cultural and artistic movimineto emerged in Europe cndo romanticism persisted even in the literary life and politics, and defended the representation of reality in a true and accurate posible.Caracteristicas +: to reflect reality as it is, showing not just those aspects tmbn agraables without doubt those of realists sought gusto.Los accurate description, minuiciosa and accurate. Features:-analysis and observation, - tilt x the novel - Objectivity - social criticism - Contextualization contemporanea. Naturalism: Both naturalism and positivism defended q humans is determined x the laws of heredity, both n and x is free. Features:-analysis of reality focuses on what unpleasant illness or marginalization. - Search for the root of the problem: prvocan causes the evils of his work. - Encntrar attempted solutions: healthy and educational alternatives. - Bringing literature to scientific concepts and precepts. Narrative realistic features:-likelihood: the story told must be credible aunq be invented - real people: it leaves behind the romantic heroes. - Social issues: the conflicts in the society at that time. - Frame: use the technique of in medias res. - Space frame - style: narrators in 1st and 3rd person, free indirect style and interior monologue.Juan Valera: Its main objective is the pursuit of beauty. + outstanding works: Pepita Jiménez and Juanita. Emilia Pardo Bazan: The Presidential or the throbbing question. Benito Perez Galdos: Features * Themes: social-criticism: bourgeois. - Policy analysis at the moment. - Religion and clergy .* persnajes: special attention to the psychological portraits. * Style: Characterized x's masterly description of environments and comprehensive documentation. humor, irony and features tmbn espntaneidad are present. Works: * national episodes: Using fictional characters, narrated a series of stories that are included in the authentic historical facts. * Novels - novels of the first EPCA: plitica load. - Contemporary novels: Portrait of Madrid society. - Spiritualist novels: they include evangelical Christians and values.

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