Realism, Romanticism and text analysis

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Neoclassicism: Prose narrative manners Diego Torres Villarroel Calendars and forecasts. José Francisco de Isla Bridge between manners and prose stories of the famous reformist preacher Brother Geurndio of Campazas, Alias dunce. Essayists Feijoo's Teatro critico universal Father and Letters Eruditas, Jovellanos (max representative Illustration) report on land reform and Poetics Luzán Ignatius. Also stresses J. Letters Gallows scholar and his work in dialogueMournful Nights.
Lyrical + is becoming as individualistic (poetry Anacreontic - The Phillies dove valdes)
Leandro Fernandez Moratin Theater Comedy "The old and the girl, The Baron, The girls themselves, the new comedy or coffee and prudish(lays the groundwork for what will be the contemporary theater q) Gallows Solaya or Circaisnos and Valdes The Marriage of Camacho the Rich

Coentario text type, subjective or objective, language, purpose, Leading Role, Structure, deductive (general -> specific) or inductive (particular -> general), metaphors, comparisons, examples, Vision or treatment of the subject, time (this past) things we find adjectives, subordination, COORDINATION and what they mean ..., language used (texts, informative) fuenciones of language, what it suggests.

Romanticism: Prose. Table manners of the realistic novel germ Scenes Estébanez Andalusian Serafin Calderon (Solitaire), Scenes matritenses Mesonero Ramon Romano (The Curious talking) and highlights larra: Art of customs Come back tomorrow, get married soon and evil, Who is the audience and you are in, Political Art, Art's literary and journalistic no historical November Henry the bereaved. Novel. Historical novelHenry the mourner (Larra) or Castilian Sancho Saldaña de Cuellar (Espronceda) adventure novel The pastry Madrigal (Manuel Fernandez Gonzalez). Social novel Mary the daughter of a laborer (W. Ayguals of Izco).
Lyrical. Lyric Poetry (p. de Arrebato) rhythm, symbolic language stilted, Polarimetry, love and nature. Stages P. 1 Features neoclassical, 2 seats Duke of Rivas, 3. Romantic exaltation (Espronceda) and 4 posrromanticismo (Becher and Rosalia de Castro) precursors of realism.
Narrative poetry, Poetry N Long: Poetry historical (medieval themes)
The Foundling Moor(Duque de Rivas) Thematic Poems philosophical world and the devil student salamanca (Espronceda) short narrative poems (based on folk tradition) Legends miraculous lily (Duque de Rivas) and Tales A good judge, good control (Zorrila)
Espronceda, author representative lyric + P. social
Cancion del pirata, the beggar and the executioner. jueventud item lostAjarifa in an orgy, politics and long poems Student of Salamanca and the Diablo world
Theater: Fianl tragic love, theater, character type, historical space, not rule 3 and sub-genres mixed prose and verse, size and stage costumes, dynamic works
the conspiracy of Venice (Martinez de la Rosa) Macias (Larra) Don Alvaro or But strength (Duque de Rivas) Lovers of Teruel (Hartzenbusch) Don Juan Tenorio(Zorrilla)

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