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Of the outsiders original TITLE

Title: Rebel

Author (a): Susan E. Hinton

Edici n: Alfaguara, Santillana Group

Collection: Series Red

This book contains 12 chapters and a Bibliography of the author


After leaving the cinema, Pony is robbed by the SOCS, the richest in the West Side gang, and hit a beating. Another d ía, Johnny goes into a car with cinema, where he met B alance Cherry and Marcia, who happen to be the girlfriends of the cuttlefish that he was beaten. Bob, as I was called Cherry's boyfriend, sees a Pony with his girl. On reaching home, Pony is chides with Darry, as usual, and runs away. It goes with Johnny to solar, the sun don go Ian. All I found with the SOCS, were drunk and wanted to beat them up as girls. They took a pony and began to choke. Johnny, frightened, pulls out his knife hab ía never used and the key to Bob. Dies. Frightened, run before coming to polic ía. They go to see Dally, d them to money, a pistol and a place I J ACOB ass. Stowaways were put on a train and leave n to Windrixville, an old church. All I cut and dye their hair so they do not recognize them. Ies d pass smoking and endo law. A d ía the Dally comes to visit.

He informs them that the cops had gone to Texas to pick them and go out to eat. When they see as the church back to burning est, with some children inside. Feeling guilty, Johnny and Pony go to their rescue. Pony to get out with minor burns, but not Johnny. Dally, risking going to get it. Both suffered severe burns. Pony in the hospital has one of the parents of the children what happened. All I, Johnny est to get worse. Dally is recup e ra little by little. That night there is a fight between SOCS and greasers.

But Dally comes before, not wanting to lose the fight. At the end c on victory greasers, Dallyand Pony run to the hospital. Pony est a very bruised do. Johnny died in his bed. Dally, very hurt flees in his car. I could hardly c Pony amines. It includes a car and takes him home. All t, Darry sell it (be bleeding from the head ía) and falls asleep. D ally call them by phone Efon saying he pursues the cops and have me go to the site. When they see Dally running. Ore behind a car of the polic ía. Dally, knowing what he does, pull out your gun unloaded, and instantly get a couple of shots. He died instantly. Pony almost does not recover, for l a m uerto migos and two to his illness.

D ía The trial was very nervous if you were sent to an orphanage. Almost a Pony will not let him talk, just ask if you gus ta school, as he cares D arry ...

After all that, Pony and pr not dealt with anything or studies. The language teacher tells him that if it continues as I will stay, but given a chance, if you write a redacció ion to pass.

A pony can not think of anything ía. Darry and Soda angry begins to mourn, because they can not bear to see his brothers argue. Ces Inton Pony picks up a pen and a sheet and begins: When salt t to bright sunlight from the darkness of the cinema ...

Major characters

Ponyboy Curtis is the youngest of three brothers and not much like them (as if). It is much m ore imaginative and, despite being a greaser, I never liked fighting. I'd love ta see the sunsets. He's almost 14 years and is the m ore smoker in the family. It is very sensitive, but not crying because Ian knows that you take a small child. It is also the men or of the gang, but accept it as one more. Gets along very well with Soda, which protects you but not so with Darry. He feels very proud of his long hair, which has taken years as I have. He was very respectful of ore dem, especially Dally and when the ón situaci required ía, Sat ía keep his mouth shut. not like that his name r ian.

Darrel (Darry) Curtis: It is much more serious than ever scolds Soda and Pony. It is the largest of the three brothers and spends the d AI works.It is strong, and l m ore f uerto friends and their m úsculos impress anyone. They like to teach, especially in fights, but never leaves for work. Darry is not because of Pony greaser because it constantly monitors. Never regret what you have done, except when hit Pony. The three brothers were orphaned. E ver since her parents died, he feels responsible for the whole family. Give orders to anyone. From time to time, likes to go skiing and the gym.

Sodapop Curtis has 16 years, does not study at all (because no good, he says), and is usually the one that pulls a Pony of the situations with dif Icil dem ás. Ipico t is the spunky and has an air of an actor. His eyes of his father. It's thin and his face is finely drawn. Est always smiling. It's a greaser. Her hair is blond, long and silky. Has fun with anything. He can get drunk without tasting a drop. It has an air of movie star who makes people have to make him look. Her face always reflects a thoughtful but feared Aryan. Work at a gas station with Steve Randle.

Steve Randle: It was Soda's best friend. Ten ía seventeen, tall and skinny, with thick hair and hair in messy curls. It was very cool, sharp. His specialty was cars. He was able to dismantle any piece quietly in a heartbeat. Conduc ía anything with wheels. He worked in the same gas station Soda. He did not like Pony. I thought it was a cr Io.

Johnny: I have a wood-black hair slicked back. His face is rather pale and from the d ía that he was beaten SOCS scared every time he sees a or. This always away from home because their parents abuse him and pass him. Suel and carry a knife but never used for fear of hurting someone. Nobody gets gang c on him because they know how sensitive it is. Your best friend is Pony. Despite being a greaser, likes to watch sunsets, sunrises, etc.. L ike a Pony. He also enjoys reading . Dally was his idol and always tried to do things to imitate.

Keith (Two-bit) Mathew: It is the oldest of the gang. It is called as i always have to drop his two ewes. E s very funny. He knows very well steal. Your knife is your pride, blanket ía always sharp. The rob a Ferreter ía or after waiting a long time. Anything he earns a little funny. With 18 years s e gu ía to one in high school, but not hab ía learned nothing. It was almost impossible to silence him. Med ía ninety one more or less, was robust and was very proud of her long red whiskers. He's always with tricks, even with the polic ía.

Dallas Winston (Dally): Though not the largest m ore is respected by all. Ía Ten pixie face with p omul very outgoing and ion ment elusive, small sharp teeth, like an animal, and ears like a lynx. ía Ten flaxen hair, did not like cutting it and never wore slicked back. ía Ten blue eyes. Hab ía spent three years in the wildest part of New York and was jailed for ten years. It is a beast, and always engages in fights. Ten ía friends who gave him weapons.

Main theme:

I think it is to demonstrate the truth of youth in the street fights, thefts ...

Secondary Topic:

Demonstrate that there are kids in the lime does not like them fighting and they have feelings.

Personal opinion:

I liked it, m ore than any other book that you've gone. Try a real issue and what is happening today has d ía in the streets.


It uses a vocabulary very street, with curses, insults ...

Make it clear the language of the street. Est written in 1st person, told by Ponyboy.

Susan E. Hinton was born or in Tucs (Oklahoma) in 1950. Ci studies or in their native udad but soon gave up her career to marry. Plasma or his works all his memories and experiences. With 16 years was launched to fame or Rebels, which won several awards and was made into a film, even.

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