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Forman org. of ways, are ter, or nerve cell. esp. agrep isolated, have high especificidad.Segun origin:
exteroreceptores-> est. the external environment
inf. int.organismo two types:
1. propioreceptores-> muscles, tendons, etc.. body position can know.
2. visceroreceptores-> po whole oregano, report changes in the internal (T, pH, etc).
According est. that are sensitive to:
mechanoreceptors-> est mechanical (touch, pressure, etc.), the Vater-Pacini piel.Corpusculo (pressure), Meissner's corpuscles (touch).
• thermoreceptors->
krause corpuscle (cold), Ruffini ending (heat)
• chemoreceptors-> rec.olfativos and rec.gustativos
• photoreceptors->
est. luminoso.en vert. 2 types:
1. cones for color
2. canes, Night Vision

• phototropism-> + stem-root. (Caused by light)
• geotropic-> + root,-stem (caused by gravity)
• tigmotropismo-> + stem-root (touch, curl and that)
• hydrotropism-> + root, stalk -

• fotonastia-> mov.luz
• sismonastia-> contact, eg petals close.

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