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SV: set of words in contemporary sagrupen q Vq 1N does of the kernel. SV = V + CV
Type of verb: Based on the subject: Personal (Subj agrees with G and N) impersonal (no subject, always in 3rd ps). According syntactic function: copulatius (be, be, seem), predicatius (intransitius: call, telephone and meals / transitive need CD) Regime prep (CRV need pq sv meaningful full sasocien always 1NA prep.), pronoun (pron combine the weak q am now syntactic function).
SIGLO XX -> Modernism: C AUSE: Catalonia needs independence holdup in Catalonia. Authors: poets (Joan Maragall), novelist (Victor Catalan, Raimon Fields, prudence Bertrana Josep Pous i Pagès), theater (Rusinyol Santiago, Ignacio Iglesias, Joan Puig and iron).
Poetry: FUNCTION: symbolize states of mind, exalts the role of modern life, is concerned about social facts, intended to integrate and standardize the man in nature, intended to regain the taste for the way u create a poetic language produced. Author: Joan Maragall, the Mallorcan School (group of poets cinoartien bank that the vision of the landscape, expression of feelings and influence of the classics.
Narrative: Aspects: Renewal of the novel and the story, creating new types of literary prose. Initial author: Raimon Fields. FUNCTION: rebellious character, dominating his own destiny, the importance of character, space acquires a symbolic value, descriptions retailers, determinism, sensuality, serve to create a circle. Authors: Caterina Albert (Víctor Catalan): "loneliness," "Dramas rural "/ Prudenci Bertrana" I made it, "Josep Pous i Pagès:" The death of George Fragiras.
Theater: Two types: theater theater of ideas and symbolism. Authors: Joan Salvat Papasseit JV Foix.

Resume: C. PREP:(complete the prepositional meaning 1N v, q called a prep, & used the SN: a, by, with, in, for), CC: (add additional information, any supplements Fri), pronominal substitution (the C prep. CC and prep the ship entered x "from", x replaced the weak pronoun "on". All C.prep and CC replacing x weak pronoun "it".
The homonymy: 2 homonymous words aqeuelles q sn sescriuen is pronounced the same, have different origins and meanings. Homophony: the same sound. Homograph: same spelling.
Twentieth Century -> Poetry posguerra:
Poetry: Charles Riva (poet, translator and literary critic. Dentendre Poetry difficult. He was in exile). Clementine Arderiu (intimate poetry speaks of pain, love, fear, grief, woman. He was in exile. "The high freedom" and "Now and Forever"). Salvador Espriu (novelist, poet and playwright. Subjects: Relations between Spain and Catalonia id defend the homeland. "Piel de toro" and "Cemetery sinera.
C. Attribute: is copulatius sentences with verbs, matched in number and subject gender. When it is determined replaced by "the, the, the. In the other is replaced by "this".
C. predicates: verbs in sentences with the verb agrees with predicatius, CD or subject with which agrees with G and N. Is replaced by "there" except the verb to be and said to herself, which is replaced by "on".
Direction: v transituis CD.CD demand is the object of verbal ation. No door prep, exept: DAVAN tonic personal pronoun (you, him) / DAVAN pronouns: all, orion, nobody (is optional) / in ambiguous sentences.
Ostrich: can a CD SN or a prayer.
pronomilitzacio: The, the, the, the subtitueixen certain CD, introduced by an article: mad or demonstrative.
CD IN substutex undetermined, q can not wear or bring a det det numeral, indefinite or cuntitatiu.
HO subtieix demonstrative pron 1 (this or that) or an entire sentence.

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