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-          Hi Juan, how’s it going? I’ve got a problem with your graduation party next Monday. My dad won’t let me get the night metro home on my own. It’s so Annoying! I told him I can look after myself!!!

-Oh, No! L So What time will you have to leave? I don’t want you to miss the end of my graduation Party!!

-Dad Said he’d pick me up at 11:30. That’s SO early!!

-Absolutely! You won’t be able to go to the disco with us unless you can leave later! Why Don’t you go back with Lucas? His mum’s picking him up at 2:30. If I were you I’d Ask them. I’m sure they’d give you a lift if you asked!

-Yes I hadn’t thought of that. Good idea, and my dad will definitely be happier with That plan!! I’ll message Lucas and ask him that’s OK. Thans Juan!! Bye for now

-Good Luck! See you on Monday J

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