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 KSAprocess in which company identifies training and Development needs of its employees (which is the gap between the existing KSA And the Required KSA) so that they can do their job effectively. It involves a Complete analysis of training needs required at various levels of the organz/ Reactive when a specific problem is pinpointed. For Instance, if a worker’s performance problem is evident, reactive TNA is used to Correct that specific issue/ Proactive: is Strategic and carefully planned without a definite problem as the focus. It is Used to deliver new techniques or processes to employees, as well as strengthen Existing expectations. Difference: Proactive When the weaknesses of a work force are unknown and it helps indicate where Help is needed. Reactive occurs when a problem is already obvious, creating the Need for specialized training to correct the specific problem.Triggers: Organisational level issues giving rise to training needs Acquisition of Companies (Skills in integrating cultures, skills in managing conflict)/Organisational Restructuring (Team cohesiveness, communication and conflict manag) / Need for innovation (idea generation, Skills to evaluate new ideas) / Implementation Of new technology/ processes (Attitudinal, Fear, Technophobia) / Quality initiatives eg. TQM (skills, Empowerment)// Team level issues Tasks Skills/ Teamwork skills (attitudinal, behavioural)// Work: Achievement of proficiency in Fundamental skills, decisions, efficiency.// indiv charact: Motivational/ self-awareness. Proactive process – 1. Organisational strategy (generation of learning need fulfil strategy)/ departmental level/ team level (skills)/ individual job (good KSA)/ indv level whole develop. Advant – improved perform/behaviour (been able close gaps ksa, helps achieve goals)/ resources in real gaps (use Resources (money) more wisely)/ avoid training just for sake/ allows tailored Learning/ help define specific learning object/ better reputation HRD, help Improve issues.// Disa- Stress (employ no needs exposed)/ negative focus in what wrong (people well?)/ Time cost large/ gap exposed- something has to be done. Exmpl- micros-linkedin (close gaps ska/different employ, Roles, posit/diff culture- internal confli)/ Altern- no TNA(disadv) / si Rolling Prgm (small company) &Schedules of Training (focus training)

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