Red spots + cushing syndrome

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Hypercorticosolism (CUSHING Syndrome)Hyperaldosteronism
-Cortisol-Secreting Adrenal Neoplasia
-ACTH-Secreting ectopic Tumor
-ACTH-Secreting Put Adenoma(cushing disease)

**Cushing Syndrome:
-sudden weight Gain
- Truncal obesity
-Buffalo hump
-Moon Face
-Abdominal Strai
-Red Face Because BV become thinner clsoer to surface

-Lab : Hypernitermeia, hypokalemia, Glucosuria

1-Low-Dose Dexamthasone Suppresion Test
(1 mg of dexamethasone @ 12 ... In the morning Dexamethsone hsould suppres ACTH and cortisol production = >120 mg
(In Cushing  Cortisol  Remains elevated)

min (10:20-11:30 )

2-Find out where if we have Pituitary Adenoma will be if there is Suppresion of Cortisol in dexamethasone Suppresion Test !

3- If there is No Response to Dexamthasone Test (-), CORTISOL Still High
                                                                                       ----> ACTH Secreting Tumour 
                                                                                              Adrenal Neoplasia

4- Adrenal NEoplasia vs ACTH secreting Tumour:
i-(ACTH Normal) ----------ACTH( High)

**COnn Syndrome:
-Excess Secretion of Aldosteorne From the adrenal Glannd,
-Ussual Cause Is Adenoma (

-Lab : hypernitremia, Hypokaemia

-Aldosterone-To-Renin Ratio
1-ARR >23.6 ------>primary Hyperaldosteronism

-Abdominal CT
-Lab: Hypernitremia & hypokalemia

-Removed  adrnel Gland , Adrenalectomy

***Addison Syndrome:

-Loss of Cortisol ,hypocortislism
-Cause = ? Or  autoimmune
-Acute Adrenal Insuff

-Salt Craving
-Orthostatic Hypotension
-weight loss
-Increase skin pigmentation
-BP slightly Lower
1-Hyponatremia & Hyperkalemia
2-Metabolic Acidocis

-Stablizing he PAtient
-Cosynotropin Stimulation Test

-better preventive ,keep patient out of adrenal crises
-Replace GCD(cortisol ) and Minercorticoid(aldosterone)
-to replace Minerlo we use Flurocortisone
-increase predinosone if they becomes ill

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