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Everyone knows that it is a difficult option to change to another school.Maybe it will be an enriching experience or , on the contrary it could be a terrible option.What do you think about going out to another school?
 On the one hand,you can meet new classmates and meet new teachers.This is why many people decide to go out of a school.In addition,you could have new subjects which eventually is positive because you learn more important things.Lastly,you will be in another place with modern facilities ,so there probably will be more classes and they will probably be bigger.
 However,changing schools is not all advantatges.As a disadvantage,it is not always a good option to meet new teachers or classmates because you could have problems to communicate with new people.Another point is that you may not like all the subjects because they will be a little different.Finally,one problem may be that you could get lost in the new facilities especially because they will be bigger than your old school.
 In conclusion,personally speaking,I think that eventually changing schools to meet new people,learn new subjects or change the building is a good way to change your life .Therefore, I can't wait to change next year.

 Dear sir/madam,
 I would like to apply for a job of graphic designer as advertised in the New's City Goals newspaper on 21st May.
 I am nineteen years old and I am a student at Cambrough University ,pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. I am a member of the graphic design club and am fluent in English , in French and Spanish.
 For the last eight months , I have had a partime job as a designer in the Archet Academy Studio. I was also employed in a TV channel for four months before that , a the weekends.
 I am always punctual , hardworking and fine with people. I get on well with children as well as other age groups . I enjoy working with people and I am very sociable.
 I am availabe for an interview at anytime on weekends and I can begin work after 20th June. Thank you for considerind my application.
 Yours faithfully,
Charlotte Mady

From : lidiaps@hotmail.Es
To : charlie@gmail.Com
Subject: I'm very worried!

  Hi charlie!
It was good to hear from you but I'm rally sorry to hear that you're feelling a bit down. I understand to you because have a lot of exams is very stressful.
 Firstly, you said that you haven't got any time to study all the subjects. Well, how about doing a weekly timetable to organise all your time? Also , you said that you feel very stressed . Well ,if I were you , before studying I would relax to myself and would take off my mobile away.
 Lastly, I think it's important to know very well the topics you are studying.If I were you I would do some summary and some outlines.If you do this,everything will go vey well and you won't have many problems.
 I hope my advice helps to you! I'll visit to you as soon I can. Write me soon and let me know how everything goes well.
 Lots of love ,

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