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I definitely think travelling helps you to broaden your mind. If you want to travel to another country and feel knowing its culture, countryside, towns, ways of living, museums, etc, it means you are interested in something else than yourcountry and life. If you want to make aporfit out your visit, youo'll have to find out on the internet or in books. In my view, if you do such things you're already broadening your mind, you are getting interested in something elese than you and your background. Then you visit the country: you'll discover a new culture: how people think and live, what they think about problems in the world. All these new experiences will broaden you mind a lot, you won't be a naroow-minded person any longer.

Yes, I do. I feel safe at school, so, in my view "P de Monfr" High School needn't have closed TV circuit cameras at the entrance. I know some urban districts in big cities are dangeruos and violence can be felt in the air. Poverty and unemployment do not help to be safe either at school or in the streets. If a teenager's background is violent, he or she will learn to be violent quickly. He knows he has to defend himself. Fortunately, my school does not have such problems. Of course there are sometimes rude pupils, but up to now no especially trainer dogs or armed security guards have been necessary.

From my point of view teachers should not be stricter than they are now. I know teachers were really rigid some years ago. in fact my mum has told me about corporal punishment at schools when she was a kid herself. If you spoke en class or didn't obey the teacher you could be beaten. But I don't think that's suitable. A teacher must certainly give his classes properly. They are paid to do it. And teenagers go to school in order to get a suitable education which allows him to become an adult who will have to earn his living. Teachers are supposed to help pupils to become capable adults. And it is possible to teach if both teachers and students do not behave propely. I think that's the point. If an adult is both nice and strict to teenagers, most of them will be nice too.

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