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I definitely think I would like to appear in a reality show. I am fond of singing and I have been told i have got a nice voice. I would like to become a fafmous singer, able to earn my living by singing. The problem is I am not famous and I don't know how to become famous. So if a TV Company produced a new programme such as "OT", I'd audition for taking part in it. I'd work and rehease a lot in order to be chosen. And, if I won the contest, I suppose an important record company such as "Sony" would like me to record a CD. That wuold be fantastic. My dreams would become a reality. Then, lots young people would buy my CD and I would go on tour ans give a lot of concerts which would allow me to get both rich and famous. Yes, taking part in a reality show would be great!

I am not a jealous person. I am good both at socializing and at making friends, I enjoy meeting new people, going out with friends and sometimes gossiping about someone else with my two closest friends. But such wonderful activities would not be possible is I had a jealuos partner. She wuold try to make me feel guilty, as if I did not love her. I wouldn't even be able to go to a pub with my friends. She would keep telling me I am unfaithful to her or making some other selfish and silly remarks. I wouldn't certainly be able to get on well or live with partner like that. Jealous people don't make your life easy. And they are usually quite selfish. They don't think how deeply they can hurt you when they tell you don't love them. In my opinion both men and women should feel free to enjoy their lives.

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