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I went to Berlin last May with my sister.We flew to Berlin with Easyjet.

We stayed for four days in a little hotel away from the city centre,butnear the subway station.The hotel was nice and quite cheap,around 35 euros for night in a double room.

During the day we walked around the city.We saw all the famous places like the “Wall of Berlin”,”Brandenburguer Toor”,the “Reichstag”(it´s the German Parliament) and we visited very beautiful squares and very interesting neighborhoods.We also visited the Pergamo Museum,it´s an Islamic,Roman and Greek art museum.

At night we went to restaurants and had fantastic sushi,sausages and drank a lot of German beer. We also went to very popular dance club,in Germany it is very popular and its electronic music is great!We were in Watergate — it´s a club near of Wall of Berlin.We didn´t buy any gift.

We had a great time.Berlin is full of recent history and it is very interesting city.People have an open mind and have a freedomsensation.We only had one problem: my sister lost her ID card in the airport, when we were boarding the plane.We found the ID card on time to fly.

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