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Hello, My name is Sofia.

Personally If y like to travel, I find it amusing

and pass good times. In The first place,travel

can have many advantages, since if you are

traveling To a place that speaks a different language

 to yours can learn, in Addition to visits new places 

that you've never seen and you can make New friends 

all over the world. On The other hand has a great 

disadvantage, usually for a good trip you Need a lot 

of money, but there is always the possibility of finding

something Cheaper. In Conclusion, for me travel is a 

good idea, as you relax and spend a pleasant Time. 

And if you don't have a large budget there is always a


Hello, My name is Paula I am 17 years old and one of 

the things I like most Is to travel, I think experiences 

which are new and fun.Travel,it Has advantages like for 

example if you are traveling abroad you can learn New 

languages such as English, you can know agent new that you

can Bring on great friendships. Another of the good things 

of travelling is Getting to know new places, learn cultures 

and customs of other Countries. On The other hand it also has disadvantages, for a trip that you'd like To enjoy, visit Places, 

a good stay, where to sleep and the same distance to the Place 

that you Need to carry and have money, another option is to 

find a trip more Economical. In Conclusion, traveling is very fun 

to spend time in family, among Friends. And If you have money 

there are many fantastic places to visit, and Cheaper. 

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