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Olall was born in america on 13th september 198. Since she was little shw was interesed in music, and she started playing the piano at the age of four. Olalla studied in a singing school, while studying she recorded many songs and took out a disc. She become very famous. Later, she discovered a new talent. Discovered that she was good at sports. She started studying to become a director film and she made a movie on 11th july 2011. The film se preparó was a big exit but she didn´t stop composing songs and making albums.

Hi Olalla, how are you? I hope you´re well. Thanks for your last email, this time i´m writing to tell you about my wekeend. I went to the beach because the weather was good. I saw many dolphins in the sea but i dint many things there. On sunday i studied a lot at morning, last at the time of lunch i ate outside, in santiago de compostela. I met a celebrity and i was able to take a photo with him.
write soon and tell me about yourself, your friends and your free time. Lot of love and kisses.

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