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Nowadeys, We live in a society where computer games are very common among teenagers. In My opinion, computer games as entertainment have advantages and disadvantages . The most Important advantages are that you can have fun in your spare time while you're Playing. In addition, if you're bored , a computer game can be a good friend to Forget your problems. However, They have some disadvantages. For example , you  Spent  a lot of time playing and If you have a test you studied your probably , want study In Conclusion computer games have good Things and bad things. It is best to use them carefully and in your free time When you do not have to study or work.

Dear Pol  , How are you ? I hope you are well, I miss  you . My life in Spain is Fantastic, I am learning  Spanish very Fast  and the best, I have  met a lot of wonderful people. This year part Of learning Spanish and living in a foreign country I worked weekends as a Bartender. Thus eh saved some money to travel to New York  this summer. Last month, I went to London to Visit my family. One day I met your father told me that you were living in Paris , he gave me your address. I would Like to meet you and talk about our lives. What have you been doing? When are You going back to London ? You are happy? I wait your answer.

I am Writing because last week I read in a newspaper that you were looking for Journalists to visit Paradise island and live there for a long time. In my Opinion, I would be a good candidate to live there and tell your readers all my Experiences . I have traveled the world , I speak 3 languages ​​and I have Experience in writing about for places . In addition , I love nature and of Course living incredible experiences . I love sports , specially swimming , I'm Not married , I am free to live where ver I want but , of course I have a Wonderful family. I would like to be a member of  your computer and work with you . If you need More information, please call me. I hope to hear from you

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