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body image?
First of all, magazines and television are often blamed for portraying an ideal body image that causes people to question their looks and lose confidence in themselves. For many people, especially people in their early teens, body image can be closely linked to self-esteem. Self-esteem is important because feeling good about yourself can affect your mental health and how you behave.

However, having poor body image can have numerous negative effect like lowered self-esteem. Poor body image is also connected to bullying. The media has a profound effect on people, particularly women, and the way that they perceive themselves and their bodies. Young girls, teenagers, and even young adults should educate themselves about having a healthy body.

I think that due to social media,  people are having their bodies judged online in addition to being judged in person, which causes them to feel trapped. We need to learn not to judge by the physicist and value inside.

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