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The social networks it is a way used by many people in The whole world as way of leisure. In Internet they have gained his place of a Grand way turning into big business for companies and especially into places For meetings or leisure for the persons. It has a series of advantages since they Are reunions with acquaintances, many webs where pair searches, to do Friendship or to share interests, to share special moments with the persons Near to our lives, to seek for all your doubts in a simple moment without Importing the place or even to create your own life online in a simple Application or blog. But also they have a few serious disadvantages to which it Is not necessary to stop disregarding, are dangerous if the privacy is not Formed correctly, so they expose our private life, They can give him cases of Supplanting personality, lack in the control of information, can be addictive And to devour great quantity of our time, since they are ideal for the leisure, Can get hold of all the contents that we publish and even they can be used by Criminals to know information of his victims in crimes: as the harassment and Sexual abuse, kidnapping, persons' traffic, etc. The conclusion is to sail with Control.

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