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A CHANGE OF SCHOOL: Everyone knows that a change of school can be difficult for someone. It does not matter why you change it, but it is hard. However, is difficult it?

Certainly, there are many advantages. For start, you can meet new people, new habits...In addition, there may be more modern facilities than in your other school. And for this reason, there maybe a different way of learning, although this could be a disavantage, because you are not used to this way of learning.
More disavantatges could be that sometimes you lose contact with your old classmates. And there are new teachers who you have never seen before, and maybe new subjects, too.
To sum up, if you are going to change of school, go and make it! It would be a new experience and you will meet new people, but maybe the first days would be difficult.

A STORY IN THE PAST: One day, I had met my friends to go dinner for my birthday in a restaurant. We had met at 21:00 pm in front of it. At half past six I took a shower, I finished at quarter past seven, I dressed up, ststraigtened my hair and put some eye shadow. It was half past eight and I went where we had met.
On the way, I felt that someone was following me, but I didn't stop. Suddlendy, I saw a dog and it brought me something to mind, I remembered that I hadn't fed my doggy! So I returned home quickly and gave it food, then I went to the restaurant.
When I was walking, I felt again that someone was following me, this time I was scared so I went faster, but it was useless. Someone held on my arm tightly and threw me down, he made me a lot of damage but I could stand it, I remember that he told me to give him all I had. I was very scared. Suddenly, someone hit him and his head hit the ground, the thief fell unconcious.
If that person hadn't helped me, I wouldn't have been alive.
Then, I woke up and, fortunately, It had just been a bad dream! I wish it was only a nightmare! 

A NEW GOOD JOB: Dear Mrs Adams,
I would like to apply for the position of translator as advertised in the "ABC" newspaper on 12th November.
I am nineteen years old and I am a student at Jaume I University, pursuing a degree in Primary Education and I am currently studying a degree in English philology. I am spanish, but my father is frenchman and my mother englishwoman, so I am fluent in English and French.
For the last year, I have been working in a café and in my free time I have been taking care of little children.
I get on well with people generally...I am always cheerful and devoted. I enjoy working with children and I am very patient.
I am available for an interview any day after 14:00pm and all day at the weekends. When I could start working? Thank you for considering my application.
Yours sincerely,

TELL ME SOON: an informal advice giving advice to a friend who is worried or stressed

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